Meeting @ UN


Meeting participants are requested to register and obtain meeting badges at the registration counter, located on the ground floor of the UNCC on the opening day of the event.

All occupants of the UNCC are requested to comply at all times with every lawful direction given by the officers of the Security and Safety Section. For identification and

security reasons, all participants are requested to visibly wear their badges at all times while they are within the UNCC. The loss of a meeting badge should be promptly communicated to the Registration Desk or the Security officers on the ground floor of UNCC.

Collection of badge must be done personally, collection on behalf or bulk collection is not allowed.

Venue Overview

Plenary: Level 2, Conference Room 1

Exhibition: Level 2, Foyer

Breakout Rooms: Level 1, Rooms C+D, E, F, G, H Coffee break/Lunch: Level 2, Foyer